Office Manager/ New Patient Coordinator / Licensed Massage Practitioner/ Community Outreach Director/ Rehabilitation Director/ Physician Liaison.

Nancy grew up in Indiana and lived in Vermont and Wisconsin before moving to Puyallup, Washington in 2010. She loves to travel, meet new people, bake, and spend time with family.

“I love that Chiropractic has been a benefit to everyone I have recommended. I have seen the positive results of Chiropractic care within my own life and especially my children. I have never felt younger, leaner, more focused and full of energy since maintaining my chiropractic routine. I decided later in life to switch my career to Massage and working for a Chiropractor. I am extremely particular when it comes to my health care and particularly my children’s health care. I would only go to the best doctor and work with the best people. I choose Dr. Ball and Ball Chiropractic Center for myself, my family, my friends and the place I love to work for.”