5 Star Ratings!!!
So I actually came from another chiropractor who was highly rated on Yelp and Google. I feel that the other chiropractor did more damage than anything else.

Anyway, I started looking for another chiropractor to fix whatever I issues the previous chiropractor caused. Dr. Ball was the answer. Seriously. Dr. Ball spent time talking to me and actually explained everything in regards to my possible issues. After speaking to him, he used a machine to check the tightness of the muscles within my spine, checked and explained the issues that I had, and took x-rays of my neck and back. He is extremely thorough!

I really wish I went to him first. This guy is amazing. I’ve had 2 adjustments with him already and even after the first adjustment, I felt much better. Also, they had a patient appreciation day where they had a small breakfast spread and the best part? ALL TREATMENTS THAT DAY WERE FREE!!
Dr. Ball, thank you!

Amazing results..As a pregnant woman I feel great after seeing him. I literally stayed in bed all weekend due to pain. I got a appointment right away on Monday and I feel so much better. I can walk without pain 10 mins after my appointment I’m home cooking dinner. Just amazing….

I could not say enough great things about Dr. Ball and his staff. I was in the middle of moving and hurt my back to the point I was in tears in his office. They all consoled me and were very empathetic. Dr. Ball answered all my questions and was extremely patient with me. They went above and beyond to help me get back on my feet. I felt like they genuinely cared and like they were my friends. I have a two year old who would come to the appointments with me and they would play with her and show her Dr. Balls dog while he was working with me. She loved going there. They never left me waiting and always followed up and called with reminders. I’ve been to many doctors in my life and I will tell you that you can tell Dr. Ball and his staff truly love what they do and helping people! Thank you all so much!!!!!!! I learned so much about how to prevent this from happening again and how important it is to listen to your body!! Thank you thank you!!! Your amazing at what you do!
Mande Nantkes

Mary W.
Bonney Lake, WA 2/4/2016

I’ve been seeing Dr. Ball for years and he’s the most caring, wonderful health practitioner I’ve come across. Recently my GP told me I would need back surgery but it was difficult to find a consult who didn’t have a 2 month waiting list. Dr. Ball got me in to see a specialist within a week! All said and done, I didn’t need surgery, just time and Dr. Ball’s expertise. He got me through a very painful debilitating time and I’ll be forever grateful.
Now I’m going for massage with Nancy. She’s also my coach with the Ideal Protein Diet (which is awesome and the last diet I’ll ever need). Needless to say I think she’s awesome too! I can’t forget to mention Maria at the front desk, she handles all my insurance questions. Oh, I have to mention that Dr. Ball has special events that benefit Paws….any Dr. that loves dogs has got to be amazing!!!

Sharlene B.
Auburn, WA 5/14/2016

Some years ago I was in an auto accident that left me unable to stand or walk upright for a span of two years. My family physician and some very good friends of mine convinced me to seek chiropractic help. I decided to see a doctor recommended by one of my friends. Thinking I was headed to my friend’s recommended doctor, I ended up at Ball Chiropractic Center.
I was under Doctor Ball’s care for only a few days when I began to experience improvement in my ability stand and walk. By the end of the week, I was able to stand and walk upright. I was so amazed and pleased with the results!

Doctor Ball is not only excellent at his skill as a Chiropractor, but he is also very caring.
On one occasion, (Independence Day), my back pain was so severe that I could not walk without experiencing excruciating pain. I called Doctor Ball at his home since his office was not open. He met me at his office to adjust my back. I couldn’t believe he would do that for me, but I did know I needed help that day. Shortly after the adjustment I received, I felt much better.
Due to the positive results I experience at Ball Chiropractic Center, I continue to go there for adjustments to ensure that my back has every chance to be as healthy as it can be.

Kelly S.
Auburn, WA [5.0 star rating] 11/4/2016

Dr. Ball is the BEST!!! And his staff is amazing! I have been a patient for approx. 8+ years, I have referred several friends and family to him and I consider him a friend!!! He shut down his office for the day a few years ago to participate in a wellness fair at my work, simply outstanding!!!

Mary Anne C.
Federal Way, WA [5.0 star rating] 3/17/2017

These guys are on the ball!! Pun not intended, but will take it!! 🙂 I started the Ideal Protein plan with them after changing from another less than desirable clinic in Federal Way that offered the same program. Not only did they get me back on track and I started losing weight again, but I’ve learned so much the other office DID NOT tell me about the plan!! I’ve since switched my chiropractic services to this office also, they are very thorough, and explain everything in layman’s terms (thank you!). They take your overall health very seriously, but do it with a sense of humor that is an absolute delight! To the team (assuming you see this posting), YOU ROCK! Thank you for making my visits a teaching moment and a lot of fun!! See you soon…looking forward to rolling around in the doughnuts!! LOL

Martin C.
Federal Way, WA [5.0 star rating] 4/26/2017

Si estan buscando un chiropractico, verdaderamente les digo que ellos son los mejores en federal way. Explican todo, son amables, y realmente se preocupan por uno. Este es mi segundo accidente que me han chocado y siempre vengo con ellos. Ya he tratado otros Chiropracticos pero solamente con ellos eh cientido que realmente estoy mejorando.

Eunice C.
Federal Way, WA [5.0 star rating] 4/26/2017

Está oficina está llena de gente tan buena y paciente que realmente te hace sintir parte de una familia. Tienen humor y saben lo que hacen, te ayudan y se nota que realmente se interesan por ayudar a uno, si sufren de un dolor de cabeza, espalda, oh otra cosa no duden en llamar y hacer una sita. Realmente se mejorarán y no estarán sufriendo con dolor. Gracias Dr.Ball, Nancy, y todos los demás por ayudarme.

Nick S.
Federal Way, WA [5.0 star rating] 8/15/2017

I went to Dr. Ball for the 1st time In 2011 in a few adjustments he had me back up and running agin. I didn’t need to see him tell I was a pedestrian hit by a car Dr Ball was honest with me about what we could do and not see as I had been in an accident a few years back and I have MS. He set me up with three day a week treatment to start and massage. We decline from there. All the time I was treated with dignity and respect. I have nothing but the most respect and admiration for Dr Ball’s clinic the experience I have had with Dr Ball’s clinic has been nothing but a pleasure ishis staff has gone out of the way do you everything to make my business quick and easy. All my work was done on retainer which was a great help seeing as I am low income and the lawsuit is taken some time and I appreciate the finance with Dr Ball operators. Thank you Dr Ball

7/6/2018 William I

I came to Dr. Ball with hip pain. After X-rays he told me I had severe arthritis in the hip and might need a replacement in the future. He recommended a few sessions with him and if there was no improvement he would recommend me to a surgeon. He was not trying to drag out my treatments for weeks or months. Anyway after 4 treatments there was a drastic improvement without surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Ball to anyone.

I am a teacher and Ball Chiropractic gave free chair massages at our school one day-so awesome! I signed up and never knew that free 10 minute massage would change so much for me. My back was so screwy and tight that Nancy (the masseuse) offered me a free initial consultation. I figured why not, free right?! So I went in and Dr. Ball was awesome and explained everything. They ended up taking x-rays (I paid for) to see what was really going on with my back. I had had a super crazy knot in my right shoulder and neck and should pain daily for so long I can’t even remember when it started. Turns out its all from the way I was carrying myself (crooked and with my neck forward straining everything).

I went back for the follow up and they recommended a care plan based on the amount of time I could put into correcting the problem. I went 2x a week for a few months for adjustments and also received rehab exercises to do at home to strengthen my body for carrying myself correctly. They also have 2 masseuses, so of course I had to do that too. I did massages bi-weekly. I recently shifted to once a week adjustments and still do regular (easy and fast) exercises at home. In just these few months time, my neck and shoulder pain is gone- no really, the baseball size knot married to my the inner edge of my shoulder blade is really gone.

To be honest, at first I was really skeptical and really didn’t realize that it would take on going treatment over such a period of time, but I thought why not try it (my insurance covered most of it- EVEN MASSAGES). At one point about a month in, I thought about quitting because of the overall commitment and I didn’t notice the changes yet. I stuck with it in part because I really started to enjoy seeing the staff and stopping in. Adjustments only take a few minutes. Dr. Ball, Steph, Heidi, Tina and Nancy are all just fantastic.

Overall, since I started this process in later October, I am in less if any daily pain and so much more relaxed. Skeptic turned believer, and so thankful I stumbled onto Ball Chiropractic.