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Why Chiropractic Care

Why Chiropractic Care
Stephen W. Ball, D.C.
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The reason for Chiropractic care is that significant limitations or imbalances in movement and posture exist in many individuals at very basic levels of movement.

The significant limitations in left-right imbalances dramatically distort motor learning, movement perception, body awareness and mechanics.

These restrictions rob the body of efficiency and are very often hidden by those individuals who learn to compensate and substitute with other movement patterns and posture.

These limitations and imbalances, if overlooked, lead to early degenerative disease of the musculoskeletal system, but also create limitations in our body’s physiology to perform at its optimal potential or find equilibrium.

The body should be free of restrictions in movement and free of imbalances prior to exercise training, competition as a priority to perform at a high level and prevent injury.

The same is true with anybody, at any age. If freed of these imbalances and faulty movement patterns, that body will experience an oval improved longevity, reduced degeneration and resistance to disease.

 Dr. Stephen Ball at Ball Chiropractic Center of Federal Way WA has dedicated 25 years of practice addressing these issues with patients helping them live happier healthier lives.